Raisin Standard

The Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran requires that all raisin producers must observe the following standards in order to export their product:

Saman Gostar Nooshijan,sgn,sgnco,sgn-co
  • Maximum occurrence of gravel or sand: 1 piece per 10kg
  • Maximum moisture content
  • Maximum nitrate sulphur (for golden): 2/1000
  • Maximum unclean and mouldy raisins
  • Maximum verminous raisins 
  • Maximum other kinds (seedy) and forms
  • Maximum raisins with stems
  • Maximum length of bunches: 5cm/1kg
  • Maximum unripe raisins 
  • Maximum crushed or damaged raisins
  • Maximum sugared raisins

Note: These conditions differ slightly for green raisins. Raisins are also divided into four sizes according the number of raisins per 100 gr.

Commercial packing: Raisin packs are available in 5,10kg and 12.5kg cartons.